From Representation’s Ruin to Salvaging the Real


From Representation’s Ruin to Salvaging the Real

Reading Due February 2nd

Please read Chapter 6 : By Way of Conclusion: Miwon_Kwon_One_Place_after_Another_Site-Specific_Art_and_Locational_Identity__2002

Not required, but:

If you are interested in reading more: Harriet Hawkins

Other news:

Pratt Institute’s History of Art and Design Department is proud to
announce the first event in our HA & D Lecture Series, a presentation by
the renowned art critic and historian, Hal Foster, entitled “Sculpture,
Space, Tradition, Time.” The event, open to the public, will be held at
Memorial Hall on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 6:30, with doors to open
at 6:00 and a question and answer session to follow the lecture. We aim
with this series to present to the Pratt community cutting edge thought
and research in the field of art history and cultural studies. The series
will host presentations each semester by artists and art historians who
have had enormous impact on contemporary artistic thought and practice.

Hal Foster is a writer, critic, and a professor at Princeton University,
teaching modernist and contemporary art, architecture, and theory. He
focuses on the relation between art and philosophy in times of political
crisis. He was a 2014-15 fellow at the Cullman Center for Scholars and
Writers at the New York Public Library, founding editor of Zone Magazine
and Books, recipient of the Clark Prize for Excellence in Arts and
Writing, and regularly contributes to Art Forum, October, and The London
Review of Books.

Please join the History of Art and Design Department for what promises to
be a fascinating and entertaining event.

Reading Due February 2nd